Does the bed extender/spare tire carrier fit on my Honda Talon?
Our bed extender/spare tire carrier fits on all Honda Talons 2019-2023 stock cages, X or R, Live valve or not. Just be sure to select the correct 2 seat or 4 seat variant.

Will my wheel fit on the Honda Talon spare tire carrier?
The spare tire carrier is designed around the Honda Talon Stock hole pattern of 4x136 with up to a 4.5" offset. If running the stock wheels and tires, we recommend mounting a stock front wheel and tire.

Do you offer custom colors?
While we don't offer custom colors, we can discount the cost of coating, and ship the products raw unpowdered/anodized.

Is it really a three-week lead time?
We are constantly making small batches of products, depending on what point of the cycle we are in, it could be shorter. But we shoot for under three weeks for all products.

Do you offer any sort of warranty?
We stand behind our products, and we encourage customers to put them to the test. If you have any issues with parts or installation, please reach out to us at info@horizonoff-road.com, and we'll get you squared away.

Other Questions?
Email us at info@horizonoff-road.com